Jul 8, 2024


Whenever I sit down to work, I like to include a session of play.
It serves as a warm-up, an exercise, an interlude in my daily duties.
It reminds me that I want amusement and pleasure in my work.
To play is a bit contradictive to work. Yet, the element of fun is essential in my practice.
I don’t know what I’m doing until I find a sense of something.
It sparks a feeling of joy when I find rhythm and harmony in the bits of paper.
It can also be a distraction or a brief escape.
The most important is to find enjoyment and to set rules that would allow fun to happen. 
Time always passes faster than usual.  

  1. Pick colours that would make you smile today
  2. Tear the papers into small pieces
  3. Place the paper scraps on a background
  4. Stand up and stretch your arms, then touch your toes
  5. Go back to the desk and glue everything down

Try it!

Playing with G . F Smith papers - featured in the current issue #34 Contemporary Collage Magazine
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